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LKG-Class 5

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Equips you with 2,00,000+ questions, skill sets, quizzes,
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opportunities that facilitate the learning process.

Personalized Learning Platform

Personalized Learning Platform

SILSPRO is dedicated to making every child a champion in their educational journey, helping them enjoy the pathway to success through a novel methodology to learn various subjects. As the world becomes increasingly innovative and technology-driven, SILSPRO recognizes the importance of exposing children to multiple ways of learning to make every student a high-performing individual.

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Personalized Learning Journeys

Mapped to the Syllabus

SILSPRO gives students the convenience of studying at any time and place, accommodating their needs perfectly by providing an online quiz program that is specifically mapped to their syllabus, encompassing topics taught from lower to upper kindergarten as well as Class-1 through Class-5. We cover syllabuses from multiple entities including CBSE/NCERT, ICSE, IB/IGCSE, and five different state boards.

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Unlimited Practices & Competitive Exams

SILSPRO is a digital learning platform that facilitates a reduction in the time it takes to absorb knowledge by up to 60 percent through providing unlimited practices with interactive quizzes that help students understand subjects clearly. Every child will be able to easily recall their acquired knowledge due to the personalized nature of the teaching as well as the strong educational foundation they have built through the program.

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Personalized Learning Journeys

Reports and Analysis

The evaluation of a student’s performance can be an integral aspect of the learning process and SILSPRO recognizes this crucial detail. Our program keeps track of a child’s performance and progress on our dashboard. Individuals can readily compare their performance against the highest scores in order to more quickly improve upon their results and motivate their acquisition of knowledge.

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Doubt Clearing Session

SILSPRO understands the inconvenience of travelling to a school in order to clear your doubts about subject matter and this is where the online platform comes back to the rescue. In order to clarify any doubts that a student might raise, we are able to provide one-on-one sessions with an instructor that will allow access to insightful responses and answers to a student’s questions. This opportunity will help students develop their inquisitive nature and enable them to acquire even more knowledge by encouraging inquiry and eliminating gaps in the understanding of a topic.

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Course Details


International Standard @ Your Doorstep.

  • Interactive Learning and Skill Level Analysis.
  • Improve Language and vocabulary.
  • Develop Creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to interact with others confidently.
  • Love of education- without Video Game (Good for Kids).
  • Better performance in Primary school.
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2,00,000+ Questions for Primary.

  • Personalized Learning Program.
  • Truly Mapped to Syllabus and more.
  • Prepared by Ex-IITians and Experts.
  • Free - Ask your Doubt forums.
  • Unlimited Practice and Progress Review.
  • Skill and Topic Level Analysis.
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Steps to Advance Level Journey.

  • Early Foundation for IIT and NEET.
  • Prepared by Ex-IITians and Experts.
  • Focused on Olympiads and Competitive Exams.
  • Step by Step Audio Solution.
  • Unlimited Practice and Progress Review.
  • Free - Ask your Doubt forums.
  • Critical and Analytical Thinking.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, ofcourse! That’s a great thought of taking the course before the academic year begins, SILSPRO will be an add-on advantage for student to get prepared with syllabus before the school begins.

Yes, student can take up the course any time from the beginning of the academic year, before the start of academic year and after the start of academic year.

SILSPRO Live classes will begun at Early June with  IIT experts and Qualified trainers. Live classes training will be updated to students.

After completion of test paper, you’ll be able to see the performance report that will provide the score and details of attended, not attended, wrong answers, all questions. Which will be compared and reported to you, to know on which part you will have to work on more.

You also have an opportunity to attend the quiz multiple times as a practice, which can also improve your performance.

Quiz program with detailed solution and basic foundation has a audio available for all the courses and syllabuses available at SILSPRO, which is more likely to improve the listening skills of a student and concentrate more towards the subject.

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